All tickets and ticket packages are now SOLD OUT! 

Ticketmaster is the only official ticket outlet selling tickets to the concert and it is a risk to buy tickets from any other sellers. Tickets that have been falsified will not give you admission to the event, even if you have bought them in good faith. Lost or damaged tickets will not be replaced.


Standard tickets from 89,50 € incl. service fees - SOLD OUT

Golden Circle tickets from 129,50 € incl. service fees - SOLD OUT
Access to the pit area in front of the stage with Golden Circle ticket only.

All tickets are general admission, standing tickets. A valid ticket will allow you to enter the site only once, it will not be exchanged for a wristband. Golden Circle ticket holders are free to move to and from the GC area during the day. Please note that there are no bars or toilets inside the Golden Circle area but there are toilets right next to it. Max 10 tickets/customer.


You have already received your tickets after completing your order. If you have later upgraded your basic tickets to a VIP package, please remember to take both the original ticket and the upgrade ticket with you to the venue. 

Wristbands, passes and lanyards associated with your VIP package will be given to you at the VIP point (no. 1 on map) Please bring one proof of identification along with you (drivers licence, passport, ID card with photo). The name must match the original purchaser’s (IDs with the same surname or a photocopy of the purchaser’s ID are acceptable) and we do not require the original purchaser to attend (if the package is a gift, for example).

It is important that you collect your VIP -wristbands, lanyards and passes BEFORE you enter the venue. You can only access the concert area once.

There are two maps below. One is the map of arrival and the other is of the area. If you arrive along Puusepänkatu, the VIP point will be on our right, next to ticket sales (no. 1 on area map). If you are arriving through Myllärinkatu, go around the gates to the right to get to the VIP point. Do not use the second entrance (no. 3 on area map). 

If you have a Paradise City Lounge or Dinner Party -package, you have a separate entrance next to the main entrance reserved for you (main entrance no. 2 on area map). Your VIP area is in a large tent (no. 7 on area map). There is a separate route to the Golden Circle area in front of the stage (no. 9 on area map). 

If you have a Paradise City Side of Stage package, you have a separate lane reserved for you on the right side of the main gates. The Side of Stage terrace is located on the right side of the area (no. 6 on area map, entrance no. 10).

VIP point opens at 1 pm and is open until 9 pm.
Gates to the venue and VIP areas open at 3 pm.
For Dinner Party VIP’s, buffet is served 4 pm – 8 pm.
The concert will end by midnight. VIP tent will remain open for our VIP guests for about an hour after the concert to avoid majority of traffic.

Welcome To The Jungle Ultimate Package:

Starting from 1:15 pm at the VIP Nation check-in point (VIP point) which is located near the main entrance (no. 1 on area map). After registration, you will be handed your tour lanyard, laminate and exclusive tour gift. 

Please ensure you arrive to check-in before 2:30 pm, as guests who have registered and wristbanded after this time, can no longer be guaranteed an early entrance access.

Should you arrive late and miss the Early Entry, you will still be able to collect your commemorative gift from the VIP Nation desk, as this will not be mailed to you if it is not collected in person!

Golden Circle -ticket:

You can get inside the venue from both gates (the front entrance or the second gate), there is no separate entrance or line for GC-ticket holders. Inside the venue you will receive wristbands that give you access to the Golden Circle area in front of the stage. Wristbands will be distributed by the GC entrance on the right side of the area and you will receive them only by showing your ticket so please hold on to your ticket even after the security check at the gates!

You can move freely to and from the Golden Circle area during the day. Please note that you can only access the venue once and if you leave during the day, you will not be admitted back in.

Map of arrival 

Map of arrival 

Area map

Area map