If you are using a wheelchair or need assistance for health reasons during the event, an assistant is welcomed to enter the site with you without a separate ticket.

Wheelchair tickets that grant access to the wheelchair platform are sold out. However, with one standard ticket you can bring an assistant with you, although the platform is full. Please be prepared to clarify the need of assistance at the gate.

Please note that the event is held in a park with grassy fields so moving around with a wheelchair may be challenging. The route to the viewing platform is accessible with a wheelchair. There will be disabled toilets around the area and also next to the platform.


There is a drop off place for disabled taxis at Vanajantie (near the intersection of Puusepänkatu) with a route coming through the center of Hämeenlinna. Vanajantie is a one-way street on the day of the concert so this drop-off will not be accessible through Highway 10 (VT10). From here the guests with disabilities will be able to proceed to the main entrance along Puusepänkatu by following signs on the way. This drop-off point is open for drop-off and pick-up. Only taxis or cars dropping disabled customers to the concert or picking them up after the concert can use this drop off.  Due to limited space, traffic regulations and safety reasons taxis are not permitted to drive to the main entrance. Location of the drop-off can be seen on this map. Customers with disabilities have a separate lane at the main gates to ensure accessibility. 

There are numerous temporary traffic arrangements concerning the area on the day of the event and we strongly advise to reserve enough time and patience while arriving to and exiting the venue. Please note that to ensure the flow of traffic, it is important to follow given instructions, road signs and traffic controllers instead of using GPS navigational systems.


There is a parking area  near the venue reserved for guests with disabilities. There is a limited amount of parking spaces in this area and is only permitted for persons who have applied for a parking permit by June 21st.